THE DAYS SWIMWEAR & APPAREL is a collection of consciously curated styles for the contemporary woman. The brand name originated organically, extracted through an introspective thought process of making the days count - both individually and ethically. Derived from the elements of minimalist design, luscious color and repurposed materials, The Days is a brand you can wear kindly. Each piece is infused with a sustainable edge, crafted from recycled nylons. We are a vision for the woman who places sustainable practices at the forefront of her daily life. She aims to make a difference, purchasing with purpose and considering the future of our delicate environment.

When designing for The Days, Alexa (owner) can put a face to all of the New Jersey/U.S. based artisans that work alongside her to craft the garments that curate the brand. Working with local factories and suppliers as equals is what makes The Days so special. Alexa sources only the best fabrics, trims and packaging that align with the brand misson - to remain and sustainable as possible, and stylish at the same time. She adds "What's really cool are those talented individuals that I work with on a weekly basis become friends. They inspire me and vice-versa. When work becomes fun - and is ethical at the same time - it's a win-win and I wouldn't trade my job for the world."


Wear beautifully, make your days count.